The Promoters

Our product promoters are some of Middle Georgia’s most avid supporters of the brand. You could become our next ambassador, too. Submit your image or video using our products for a chance to get featured on our social media pages and take part in upcoming photo shoots. Send submissions to for a possible feature.


Deaje Taylor

Deaje graduated with a Bachelors in Psychology from Georgia College. She is a Natural Hair and Self Love Enthusiast. When she's not training and facilitating, she is at home tending to her Fabulous Fro. Deaje has been using Natty Coco Products since 2013 when she returned to natural. Since then her hair has grown longer and stronger. Her favorite product is the Herbal Leave-In mist because it refreshes and enhances her curls. Check out Deaje's Youtube Channel: KinkyCurly13.

LaSundra Davis

This natural hair fitness fashionista started using Natty Coco’s trio of products two years ago, and she continues to keep her tresses refreshed with the products to this day. A workout woman on the go, LaSundra is a successful wardrobe stylist in the Middle Georgia area, teaching women how to accentuate their body type with the right accessories and clothes to complement their shape.

Senitra Syas

An educated sista into her studies, Senitra has been a dedicated user of Natty Coco’s trio of products for the past two years. While earning both her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in management, Senitra needed products that helped with creating quick, easy styles while living the college girl’s life. Natty Coco’s products did just that and have remained products she trusts the most.

Candace Morrow

Candace Morrow, a.k.a. Cowgirl Candace is an internationally published, award-winning feature writer, brand blogger and country Western wardrobe stylist. She pioneered the digital platform Southern Styles & Steeds to share her beautifully bizarre Southern culture, clothing and community. She's also a bona fide natural hair product junky, ensuring her mane remains locked down on the farm, during editorial projects, and at natural hair and beauty events.

Mrs. Cute as a Button

Tiffany James is a fun-in-the-sun gal, who started her signature line of button earrings and accessories in 2012. A hip natural hair-wearer, Tiffany’s online boutique, Cute As A Button, complements any natural girl’s wardrobe and tresses just perfectly.

Jalexius Thomas

This cutie pie has curls for days. Jalexius is our spirited 8-year-old hair model, who loves her bouncy, free-flowing hair. For months Jalexius’ mom has been conditioning her daughter’s hair with the Natty Coco product line. She’s adorable, and so are her amazing ringlets.

Chelice Woods

Want the latest, trendiest natural hairstyles out today? Then, Chelice is the professional natural hair stylist for you. With 15 years of experience, Chelice has served as Natty Coco’s stylist for the past five years. Her all-time favorite product to use on her clients’ heads as a finisher is the Herbal Leave-In Mist. She can create any natural hairstyle you can think of while protecting and strengthening hair growth. Check out Chelice on Facebook and Instagram or call 478-491-1636.

Courtney Hicks

This natural hair teenager blogs everything fashion, beauty and health out of South Carolina as a means to empower youth to embrace themselves. Courtney also enjoys testing and reviewing natural hair products, sharing feedback with her readers. A Natty Coco fan, Courtney can’t get enough of Natty Coco’s Hair and Scalp Oil and Herbal Leave-In Mist. Check out Courtney on YouTube, tumblr and Instagram @courtney_hi.

Felisha Shugart

Felisha is an Atlanta born and raised natural hair vlogger. Natty Coco Whipped Shea Butter Pomade is among her staple products. Her natural hair journey began in 2013 when she noticed damage to her hair caused by heat. She later did the big chop which sparked her in depth interest in the natural hair world, and she hasn't looked back since!